Culture News Society, 06/10/2017

UFO Drum and Starry Dome Appear in Kharkiv Park

Kharkiv controversial Molodizhny park (Youth park in Ukrainian), which was laid out in the place of the old cemetery of famous Kharkivites in the 1970s and has a number of monuments, playgrounds, and a 19th-century temple, has got a new, unusual lounge site for relaxation.

Green Zone is a round platform with a pavilion in its center which has a dome roof painted with stars glowing in the dark, energy efficient lanterns and a unique Hang — UFO-shaped drum — for everyone to play it with their hands. There are winding wooden benches and newly planted trees around the pavilion; special pet trays and bicycle parking are installed at the area perimeter.

Also, visitors are entertained by several counters holding inscriptions which you can turn to vary the utterance.

A popular artist Andriy Palval who painted the most amazing murals in Kharkiv, Izium and Kyiv depicted the starry sky.

Although the zone was only launched yesterday, it has already become a popular attraction due to numerous reports and photos on social networks.

“We like it here, it is so unusual and fabulous,” say two old ladies sitting on the benches. “However we are afraid that this exotic metal drum may be stolen or ruined soon unless there is no surveillance.”

green zone6

Three students from Morocco are more optimistic. They are sure that Kharkiv is safe enough and nothing threatens the valuable instrument installed in the park for public use.

“It is a great idea to put a Hang in the park! I saw this special drum in films before, and I’m just happy to have an opportunity to play it. Do they say its sound can change your destiny? I do believe it! I might get married after playing it,” says 20-year-old Amine smiling.

Two girls — Bahija and Chaimae — who accompany him also try to play and say they love Kharkiv for such cozy sites. All three are first-year students at Kharkiv National Automobile and Highway University. They have lived in Kharkiv only for a month and fallen in love with the city for its “friendliness and artistic spirit.”

Text, photo: Olena Sokolynska