News Politics, 18/09/2017

UK-led Operation Orbital Completed

Ukrainian-British joint military exercises which were carried out within the UK-led Operation Orbital finished last week.

On the occasion of this event, the participants exchanged gifts. Both sides expressed many compliments regarding the mutual initiative, along with the high level of motivation.

Commander of 93rd separate mechanized Kharkiv brigade, Colonel Vladislav Klochkov noted that European civilization is undergoing troubled times due to savage aggressive ambitions of the Russian Federation which threatens peace and stability. That is why cooperation and mutual assistance of the European countries’ armies are more important than ever.

Furthermore, he thanked the British Armed Forces on behalf of the 93rd brigade for imparting their combat skills and experience.  During the military exercises, Ukrainian servicemen also had a chance to share their own methods of warfare developed in the conflict area in Donbas.

On behalf of the 93rd brigade, the Colonel thanked Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II, for the support of this operation. The command and the members of the brigade look forward to deepening further cooperation between the Ukrainian and British Armed Forces.

Text: Natalia Ivanova

Photo: 93rd separate mechanized Kharkiv brigade