News Society, 04/10/2017

Ukraine Team Attracts Luck in Kharkiv

The Ukrainian National Football Team have arrived in Kharkiv. Here, they are preparing for the World Cup last qualifying matches. It depends on these two matches whether Ukraine will qualify for 2018 FIFA World Cup.

On October 6, the National Team will play Kosovo and on October 9 – Croatia. Only wins in both matches will give Ukraine first place in its group and get into the final stages of the World Cup finals. If they finish second, the team will take part in playoffs.

The coaching staff pays great attention to the football players’ rehabilitation, as the leading Ukrainian players have already endured major physical efforts for their clubs. As a result, some players were injured. In particular, two Donetsk Shakhtar defenders Bohdan Butko and Yaroslav Rakitsky won’t be able to take part in the matches due to injuries. The naturalized Brazilian Marlos also trains together with all the team. He will increase the competition among the Ukrainian team players.

According to Head Coach Andriy Shevchenko, they are going to have one extensive training session, which shows the current physical state of the team. Shevchenko also aims to revisit the team order.

On October 5, the Ukrainian team is flying to Albania to play the match with the Kosovo National Team. Then they will come back to Kyiv to play the match with Croatia. If the Ukrainian team gets into the FIFA World Cup finals, the political issue will surely come to the forefront. Should our team actually go to Russia to take part in it?

Text: Natalia Ivanova

Photo: ATN