Culture News Society, 21/12/2017

Ukrainian ‘Cyborgs’ Movie Breaks Popularity Records

“Cyborgs: Heroes Never Die” movie, which has been shown throughout Ukraine since December 6, has collected 15.752 million UAH ($ 570,000) over two weeks.

While the film continues to be shown, it is already breaking a national box office records.

The movie portrays Ukrainian servicemen, who were defending Donetsk Airport in 2014 during the Russian-Ukrainian war in Donbas. The film’s story highlights two weeks in September. The defenders were nicknamed cyborgs, initially by their enemies of pro-Russian forces, who could not believe that humans were able to fend off their sustained attacks. Since then, these heroes of indestructible spirit have become a part of legends of Ukraine.


In Kharkiv, the cinemas have been full of viewers. Thousands of emotional comments have swamped social networks. People note that the feature film is stirring and at the same time it truly depicts genuine heroes of Ukraine. The film is called “cult” and “historical” artwork. The surviving defenders of the Donetsk Airport also highly evaluate the movie.


“Currently, the film has been viewed by over 212,000 people,” director Ahtem Seytablayev reports. He thanks everyone for such huge support not only for the movie but also for the fallen Airport defenders. According to Seytablayev, 5 UAH of every ticket sold have been allocated for the deceased heroes’ families; the sum has amounted to 1,060,000 UAH ($ 38,046).

The movie director says that Canada, the USA and the Baltic countries are interested in screening “Cyborgs” and negotiations are being carried out.

Text: Olena Sokolynska