News Society, 12/06/2018

Ukrainian Scouts Start Campaign to Spread East

Оn June 11, leaders of Plast, Ukrainian scout organization, announced they are raising 1 million UAH ($39,000) to develop their subdivisions and to expand into eastern part of Ukraine.

At the press conference the Plast organizers, historian Iryna Holubeva who is a leader of the Kharkiv Plast, and Stanislav Andriychuk, a representative of the Plast’s central unit, explained they launched a crowdfunding campaign on Spilnokosht, Ukrainian platform of social innovations.

By now they have already raised more than 240,000 UAH out of the needed sum. The speakers have noted that the campaign will last until October 17,  2018, and everyone can support the initiative.

“Plast has a rather developed network in western Ukraine, but it still needs to be reinforced in the central, southern and eastern parts of the country,” says Stanislav Andriychuk.

In Kharkiv region, Plast was launched in 2015 by a group of ardent volunteers. As it continues to grow, the funding is needed to engage new young tutors and coaches to the organization.

“Plast is developing very actively in our region,” points out Iryna Holubeva. ”Only recently a number of new divisions have been established locally,  and we hope they will continue to appear. We are arranging one-day and ten-day summer camps for our young members.”

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Text: Olena Sokolynska

Photo: Nakipelo, Olena Sokolynska