In Depth, 21/04/2020

Ukrainian Warrior Witnesses to Inhuman Tortures in Donbas Prisons

Kharkivite Oleh Suherey, who was a Russian-Ukrainian war combatant since 2014 was captured by Russian Security Service in Donetsk in March 2017. Released in December 2019 within the swap of prisoners between Ukraine and Russia after having spent 2 years and 8 months in prisons in Donbas, Suherey is telling about atrocious tortures applied to the Ukrainians in the Russian concentration camps. He also speaks of outrageous violation of human rights in the prisons fixed by Russia on Ukrainian territory and about the plans of the Russian Federation to occupy the whole Ukraine.

At the moment Suherey is being treated in a Kyiv hospital. He is sure that the reconciliation with Russia is only possible with complete capitulation and the end of Ukrainian independence. In his interview with a Ukrainian media agency, Oleh Suherey told the details on the elimination of a terrorist and war criminal Givi and spine-chilling tortures he was put to in the well-known concentration camp “Isolation” ran by Russian secret services in Donetsk. Kharkiv Observer reporter translated the subtitles for the video.

Oleh Suherey notes that the leaders of Ukraine still do not afford to call a spade a spade in the Russian-Ukrainian war and while thousands of people have sacrificed their lives to defend their land, the current state authorities do not consider Ukraine as an independent state and do not dare to blame Russia for aggression to the world.

“Also the world is really afraid of Putin and they do not want to mess with him. They need Russian oil more than their democracy. And that is the main reason for our actual shameful ‘reconciliation policy’,” Suherey states.

The evidence by Oleh Suherey has become one of the most eloquent documents on crimes and atrocities of Russia in the east of Ukraine. “The shocking brutality of their [Kh.O.: released Ukrainians’] stories underscored the war’s costs, hardening sentiment in Ukraine among those who see any compromise with Russia as capitulation,” wrote Washington Post, on interviewing Oleh Suherey’s.

Text: Olena Sokolynska


Photo: Oleh Suherey Facebook page