Culture News, 15/01/2018

Underwater Celebration in Kharkiv

Enthusiastic divers of Kharkiv held a peculiar Old New Year party in the Lokomotyv swimming pool on January 13.

This unconventional celebration was organized for the fourth time since January 2015.

Fifteen divers in fancy dresses plunged to 5 meters deep. They installed a decorated New Year tree on the bottom, drank champagne and gave gifts to each other – all underwater.

“The event was aimed at uniting different diving schools and the underwater sports lovers of Kharkiv, to promote the sport and to have fun,” says one of the organizers Anton Yevdokimov. The diving instructor specifies that such exciting parties had been held before by the enthusiastic coaches and students. However, only three years ago it became possible to unite different schools together.

The photos were taken by one of the famous masters of underwater photography and diving devotee Serhii Glushchenko, whose photography school has worked since 1976 and trained over a thousand outstanding photographers. Glushchenko told Kharkiv Observer about his unique children’s school of underwater photography founded in Kharkiv, which might not have analogs in Europe. The artist also invited everyone to visit his exhibition of photos, taken in depths of seas and oceans all over the world.

Text: Olena Sokolynska

Photo: Underwater Photography School of Serhiy Glushchenko