Culture News Politics Society, 21/11/2016

UNICEF Monitored Project for Migrants’ Children in Kharkiv

Representatives of UNICEF have monitored the results of “Learning to live together” project for IDP children that has been implemented in the Kharkiv region since summer of 2016. Previously UNICEF funded this project with 2 mln dollars.

According to their assessment which took place on November 16 and 17  as a series of workshops and interviews the work was effective, the Department of Education and Science of Kharkiv Regional State Administration (KhRSA) reports. Experts consultants from UNICEF Children’s Fund were talking both with the teachers and organizers of the program and directly with the children.

The project was implemented in the quarter of all the secondary and nursery schools in the Kharkiv region and was aimed at the adaptation of children of migrants from the war area. Its program included training courses for children adapting to study in new schools and their sustainable development under difficult circumstances. Also the training courses for teachers and educators were provided.

“Initially the trainers from Kharkiv were trained in Kyiv, and then they came back and trained teachers and educators who work directly with internally displaced children”, the program coordinator at KhRSA Olena Kononenko explains. “Since the beginning of this school year the “Learning to live together” subject  was included in the school program”.

Kononenko said this program was introduced at 210 secondary and 175 nursery schools of the region, where internally displaced children study. In Izyum, Kharkiv region the program was introduced almost at all schools as this town has the biggest number of such newcomers.