Culture News, 28/05/2018

Unusual Cars Show off on Maidan Svobody

May 27, a motley exhibition of over 80 retro cars took place in the center of Kharkiv. The show was dedicated to the International Museum Day.

The participants gathered in the morning on Maidan Konstytutsii, started the auto rally along Sumska Street to Gorky Park, and then returned to Maidan Svobody.

Visitors saw a range of rare old cars, including retro Mini Cooper, Soviet Volga, military vehicles from last century and 60-year-old motorcycles plus Soviet buses. The oldest car was produced in 1933.

Among the Soviet cars and motorcycles, gathered in the square, there was a famous Soviet city red-and-white bus ZIS-8, which appeared in many films in the 1960s. The model has two lanterns over its windshield. Different types of lanterns were attached for different routes. The bus was designed for a small number of passengers, it had only 19 seats.

However, not only old cars were exhibited, stirring live interest. A lot of Kharkivites were attracted by the model of an energy efficient KhADI-34, which was designed by the students of Kharkiv National Automobile and Highway University in just one year in 2010. The car weighs slightly more than 40 kg and it is equipped with a 0.35-liter motor, which allows accelerating to 60 km per hour. The first pilot who drove it was of 76 kg, almost twice the weight of the car.

The vehicle was not aimed at developing high speeds, but at covering as many kilometers as possible with 1 liter of fuel. In 2010, KhADI-34 set the record of Ukraine, having covered a distance of 575 km.

The exhibition was arranged by Kharkiv Samokhod Club, which promotes car history and design.

Text: Olena Sokolynska