News Politics Society, 22/09/2017

U.S. Ambassador Discusses Situation in Kharkiv with Activists

Yesterday, September 21, two members of Kharkiv Anticorruption Center, Dmytro Bulakh and Dmytro Drobot, met with the U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine Marie Yovanovitch on her invitation.

The ambassador arrived in Kharkiv to take part in the international economic forum. The meeting lasted for about an hour.

According to Dmytro Drobot, they were talking about the recent attacks on Kharkiv activists Dmytro Bulakh and Yevhen Lisichkin. Marie Yovanovitch told that she was going to draw the attention of Ukrainian president the prime minister to these outrageous assaults.

The activists also told the ambassador about the recent shocking situation in Kharkiv when the session of the City Council on September 20 was taking place behind closed doors. Even the door handle was disjointed in order not to let in a dozen opposing deputies and the active citizens who wanted to observe the meeting. Immediately after the session, the door handle was put back, and the activists turned to police demanding to investigate the case.

Ambassador Yovanovitch pointed out that the attacks on civic activists in Kharkiv are disgraceful as well as the tricks with the City Council being locked from the public and surprise her a great deal. However, she is convinced that there is a hope for Ukraine because it has active young people and civil society representatives with a clear reputation who are fighting corruption fearlessly and introducing changes.

“We noted that the activists in Kharkiv are beaten because the corrupt and rogue officials cannot ‘make an agreement’ with them. And this obviously confirms the new forces’ honesty,” says Dmytro Drobot.

Drobot said to Kharkiv Observer that, before meeting with Marie Yovanovitch, he talked to the U.S. Embassy analyst who was asking about forming the new political elite in Ukraine. The activists noted that the certain number of the people providing a new system of values, fighting bribery and introducing reforms open-mindedly appeared. All they need is time to get stronger.

The activists thanked the U.S. ambassador and government for the support.

Text: Olena Sokolynska

Photo: Dmytro Bulakh