News Politics, 10/10/2017

USA Values Kharkiv Armored Vehicle and Ukrainian War Experience

This week armored personnel carrier BTR-4MV1 produced in Kharkiv is being presented at the international AUSA 2017 Annual Meeting and Exposition which takes place in Washington DC, USA, on October 9–11.

UkrOboronProm state concern has exhibited various Ukrainian military equipment being the advanced development of the Ukrainian defense industry. The officials pointed out that 2017 marked the organization’s first participation in the Association of the US Army warfare exhibition.

Together with the military machinery demonstrated in the USA, Kharkiv BTR-4MB1 was presented. Military experts highlight that the specialists of the Morozov Kharkiv Machine-Building Design Bureau increased the armor protection of the machine significantly. BTR-4MV1 was provided with a new front part; several design developments increased the reliability and combat efficiency of the personnel carrier.

“The concern’s participation in AUSA exhibition is a big moment for the whole Ukraine because it is one of the most influential global defense events,” UkrOboronProm representatives state.

Also, it is noted that the concern is deepening cooperation with NATO in the field of joint projects and speeds up turning the enterprises of UkrOboronProm to the products of world standards.

Association of the U.S Army reports that 17 ground and air products recently fielded to Ukraine’s armed forces are being presented under the heading of “Innovation” as Ukraine’s “response to hybrid war.” It is also stated that, at AUSA Meeting and Exposition, the contingent of Ukrainian representatives share lessons they learned from hybrid warfare with Russia.

Text: Olena Sokolynska

Photo: SQ