Business News Politics, 05/06/2018

V4 Ambassadors First Joint Visit to Kharkiv Region

June 4, Ambassadors of the Visegrad Group countries – Hungary, Poland, the Czech Republic and Slovakia – visited the Kharkiv region for the first time together. Their purpose is to assess the economic opportunities in the different parts of Ukraine.

The Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary Ambassador of Hungary to Ukraine Erno Keshkien noted that the economy, education and humanitarian projects are the main areas for cooperation being of interest to his country.

“The most important thing is economic development, our economic and trade contacts should be developed as widely as possible,” noted the Hungarian Ambassador. He added that the officials are planning to open an honorary consulate in Kharkiv and they have already found a candidate for the position, so the launching procedure is to start soon.

Ambassadors of Poland, Slovakia and the Czech Republic in Ukraine also told about their particular interest in the Kharkiv region. Within their visit, the V4 representatives attended the Kharkiv Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

The Ambassador of the Slovak Republic Juraj Siwachek noted Slovak entrepreneurs are going to work in the Kharkiv region in different areas, and to promote students and scientists’ exchange as well.

“Our support focuses on sanctions against Russia,” stressed Jan Peklo, Ambassador of Poland to Ukraine. Also, he reported that the Prime Minister of Poland is planning to visit the Kharkiv region soon.

The parties agreed to expand cooperation on the scholarship program of the Visegrad Group for the Ukrainian gifted children, who will be able to study in the best universities of all the four countries.

Also, V4 representatives were invited to the International Economic Forum, which will take place in Kharkiv in September 2018.

Text: Olena Sokolynska

Photo: KhRSA