Culture News Society, 02/12/2016

Vertep Festival to Rejoice Kharkiv on January 13-14

Dozens nativity show (“vertep” in Ukrainian) groups from all over Ukraine will take part in the “Pearls of Slobozhanshchyna: Christmas” nativity plays festival scheduled for January 13-14. The motley colored joyful ethnic theatrical entertainment called Vertep is traditional for Western Ukraine and it is known in the Kharkiv Region though for the first time it will be held on Kharkiv streets in such an impressive scale.

At the moment more than 30 art groups from the Kharkiv Region, Kyiv, Poltava, Chernihiv and Lviv have registered to join the festival. The organizers are negotiating with a German puppet theater to perform in Kharkiv too.

Children and adults performances, music and drama, traditional and modern  characters including acting heroes of the recent Ukrainian history are expected to amaze Kharkiv.

“This festival is important not only for Kharkivites joining the national Chrismas fun but also it will allow the guests from other regions of Ukraine to discover Kharkiv and Slobozhanshchyna,” say the representatives of charitable fund “Kharkiv with You” who are the festival organizers.

The festival program includes a fancy nativity show crews parade on Sumska Street and Konstytutsii and Svobody Maidans,  bright performances near the Kharkiv National Opera house and the monument to Taras Shevchenko, as well as in theaters, near the shopping centers, playgrounds and hospitals in the city.

About 10 thousand people are to attend the festival events in large number of locations. There will be concerts for orphans, displaced persons, children with special physical needs, children, volunteers and military personnel.

Also “Masters Town” spot will be arranges for the festival to offer master classes on traditional crafts and cooking traditional Ukrainian dishes.

Please see photos of nativity play in a Kharkiv church in January 2016.