Culture News Society, 19/04/2018

Volunteers’ ‘Train of Unity’ Rides throughout Ukraine

On April 13-14, unusual historical and patriotic tour “Trukhanivska Sich” visited Kharkiv and Lozova, Kharkiv region.

About 150 senior students, volunteers, military men and activists from 15 regions of Ukraine have visited 11 cities this year on the special “Train of Unity” which left from Kyiv on April 12 and is returning to Kyiv on April 24.

Kharkiv was the train’s first stop. Civic activists Victoria Sklyarova and Nazar Bozhynsky met over hundred expedition members at the Pivdenny Post volunteer center and guided them around Kharkiv for four hours to the Kozhedub Air Force University, where the travelers had a historical lecture, lunch and a concert.

“This incorporated an excursion and a march at the same time. We were walking all the way from the railway station to the University and back to the train,” says tour guide Victoria Sklyarova. She notes, the main sights of Kharkiv in Ukrainian history were observed and the tour members stopped at Skovoroda statue, Shevchenko monument and the volunteer tent at Maidan Svobody. They visited Kharkiv Historical and Art museums as well.

The expedition members note that they “washed Skovoroda” by their funny tradition, which appeared during the previous patriotic trips.

“The main topic of this April’s tour is 100th anniversary of a Ukrainian military campaign of Petro Bolbochan against Communists in 1918,” the organizers say. The campaign was victorious and ended with the liberation of Kharkiv and the Crimea, where Ukrainian flags were raised on the Black Sea Fleet.

The following day Lozova town hosted “Trukhanivska Sich” train. The children and volunteers visited various historical places, museums and graves of the Ukrainian heroes, killed at Maidan in Kyiv during the Revolution of Dignity and in ATO zone while defending Ukraine. Also, a picnic at the riverside was prepared for the travelers by Lozova activists.

Reference: The tour organizer Mykola Bondar states that the “Train of Unity’s” passengers live in five compartment cars and they are amazed to discover different places of Ukraine, which all welcome them. Therefore the “Trukhanivska Sich” tour is promoting the patriotic spirit of young citizens of different regions and uniting Ukraine. The first such educational train started on April 20, 2016. Currently, it is the 12th patriotic volunteer tour.

Text: Olena Sokolynska

Photo: Trukhanivska Sich FB page