News Politics Society, 18/10/2017

Warrior and Patriot Found Dead

The news of a sudden death of the 37-year-old Vitaliy Kniazhesky, the ATO veteran, volunteer and one of Azov battalion leaders, stirred Kharkiv.

Various media reported that the body of the 37-year-old Azov combatant was found on October 13 in a forest near Kharkiv referring to the statement by Member of Parliament from Radical Party Ihor Mosiychuk on his Facebook page.

However, Kharkiv informational agency NewsRoom points out that his body was found not in a forest but Derevyanko Street in Pavlove Pole locality in Kharkiv. “This information came from Kharkiv police, although they did not disclose his identity at once,” states the editor Pavlo Fedosenko.

According to him, the Azov combatant was discovered shot in the chest by his gun near the gas station. The official version of the tragedy is committing suicide.

Nevertheless, combatants’ friends and patriots who were particularly close to Vitaliy Kniazhesky, nicknamed Vitas, cannot believe he could kill himself. “He was very proficient with weapons, and he had a lot of plans for future. His wife and daughter are left desperate,” says one of Kniazhesky’s friends who does not want to be mentioned.

Members of Kharkiv National patriotic organizations call to pay respect to “their brother, a loyal patriot and steadfast defender of Ukraine.”

Reference: Vitaliy Kniazhesky was born in Izium in 1980. He was one of the first members of Patriot of Ukraine Kharkiv organization and the leader of local and all-Ukrainian organizations. In 2011-2014, during Yanukovich’s presidency, Kniazhesky was imprisoned for political motives. As soon as he was released, he joined Ukrainian army to defend Ukraine from Russian aggression in the east. He took part in the first riot between pro-Russians and Ukrainian supporters in Kharkiv on March 14 – 15, 2014 on Rymarska Street. He was one of the founders of Azov battalion. Also, Vitaliy was among defenders of Mariupol in summer 2014, and later he became a civic volunteer supporting the Ukrainian Army.  


Text: Olena Sokolynska