News, 04/10/2017

Watchdogs and High-Tech Equipment in the Airport

Kharkiv International Airport has reinforced security measures in response to the European Aviation Safety Agency recommendations on limiting flights to the east of Ukraine.

The administration points out they have increased security service at the entrance terminals and in some flights zones and installed additional inspection equipment. They note that the safety measures have always been observed strictly “at a strategic high level.”

Currently, three additional round-the-clock guard posts have been introduced at the perimeter of the airport, new lighting systems are installed, and the fuel tanks are protected by a cutting-edge engineering system.

Also, six checkpoints of watchdogs trained in the search for explosives are organized, and a dog training department appeared in the security structure.
The airport management says there is no sense to predict possible consequences or losses of the Kharkiv Airport because of the EASA bulletin as the document hasn’t been approved yet.

At the end of September, the Minister of Infrastructure Volodymyr Omelyan said that Ukraine provided information having proved that the recommendations of the European Aviation Safety Agency on the restriction of flights for European airlines over the eastern part of Ukraine are groundless.

Text: Olena Sokolynska