Business News Society, 21/12/2016

Sharing Responsibility for the City Space Discussed in Kharkiv

Today the “Sharing Responsibility” meeting on the issues of communities participation in development of the city architecture will take place in the Yermilov Center.

The program of expert presentations includes the report “Current State of Public Participation in the Urban Development of Ukraine” by the Kyiv analytical center CEDOS and the lecture “The Role of an Architect as a Social Moderator and Urban Activist” by well-known Dutch architect Mr Fulco Treffers,  head of the urban design studio 12N.

A public discussion is to follow the experts’ reports. The active citizens, professionals, businessmen, city administration representatives and everyone interested in the development of Kharkiv are invited to take part in the discussion organized by the Drozdov and partners architecture office.

Mr Ivan Verbytskyi and Ms Varvara Podnos from the CEDOS analytical center are presenting the results of their research of collaboration patterns among various urban initiatives and organizations from five Ukrainian cities. They are offering their concept of the ways of citizens’ participation in decision-making. The ways of involving the city activists and grass-roots initiatives which already exist and their collaboration with one another are to be shown.

Fulco Treffers is expected to share his experience in creating an open dialogue about the urban space and its use in the Kingdom of the Netherlands highlighting the meaning of transparency, honesty and sincere communication.

Also various tools of public participation in city projects such as  protests, petitions, public hearings and local initiatives and manipulating these forms of people’s involvement are to be regarded.

One of the meeting coordinators architect Mr Bohdan Volynskyi hopes that today’s discussion will launch the further dialogue in the community and with local officials, will turn the city construction into the smooth and inspiring process of developing logical strategy and design.

“We do not have clear requirement to the architecture contests terms and jury members criteria. Who should they be, why should we trust them? And we might start developing these terms today.”

The discussion about community participation in the development of public projects will include the spotlight issue of the behind-the-scenes competition on Maidan Svobody reconstruction and monument design.