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Where to Go Camping in the Kharkiv Region

To escape from the almost 40-degree heat of the stuffy city and hide in the cool shade of nature in the Kharkiv region, taking with you a tent, shashlik, and a good company is a dream! In fact, many people do so. That’s the reason for slow movement on many roads out of the city on the weekends.

There are lots of beautiful and rather wild places in the Kharkiv region, where you can stay with tents on the weekends or for a couple of weeks. Green forests, coniferous and deciduous, chalky mountains, a large number of rivers, lakes will please tourists who enjoy a rest away from the city.

Here are some nice and lovely places for campsites.

Pechenizke Reservoir

The undisputed leader in the number of tourists is Staryi Saltiv, where many large and small recreation centers, campsites, tent camps have settled on the bank of the Pechenizke water reservoir. Here you can relax like a savage, taking with you a tent, brazier, and equipment for a picnic, or “in a civilized way” renting the house or gazebo.

Forests surround Staryi Saltiv with centuries-old firs and pines. The air is filled with the aromas of freshness and the healing smell. Silence is interrupted only by birds singing. The charm of these places and the beauty of nature will leave unforgettable impressions.

Those who prefer more comfortable rest can choose among recreation centers with camping sites like Soich Park, Druzhba, Parus-maxi.

Address: Staryi Saltiv village, Volchanskiy district, the Kharkiv region

Siversky Donets river

Banks of the river starting from the Chuhuiv district, especially on Eskhar, and further in Zmiiv district near Mohnach, Koropovo, according to experienced tourists, are not inferior to famous places in Western Ukraine. Zmiiv and Chuhuiv districts delight with the ecological rest and the variety of the landscape.

Homilshanski Forests National Natural Park near Zmiiv is one of the most interesting places for camping in the Kharkiv region. Here, on the shores of the Siversky Donets, there are a lot of valuable natural objects like centuries-old oak forests, rare species of birds and insects. On the territory of the park, it is allowed to pitch a tent or even tent camp. You can also order a wooden gazebo.

Ethnographic and ecological routes will help you to get acquainted with the beauty of local landscapes. Recently, a new route following the tracks of the Cossacks through the Cossack hill was launched.

There is also a boat station where you can rent a boat for UAH 50 ($2) per hour or a catamaran, UAH 75 ($3) per hour.

Address: Zadonetske village, Zmiiv district, Kharkiv region

Each year new recreation camps are popping up along the Siversky Donets river.

Karavan resort next to the Homilshanski forest is perfect for tent eco-tourism. It has campsites, 60 UAH ($2.4) per person a day, children free of charge. If mosquitoes torture, you can move to a room with amenities; UAH 500 ($20) per day is the standard room cost.

Down the river in Izium district, one can find Fazenda Vinograd. Visitors can choose to rest in compact houses, hostel rooms, or settle in newly created wooden birdhouses outdoors or campsites for quite reasonable 100 UAH ($4) per a tent daily.

Krasno-Oskol Reservoir

Lovers of fishing, hiking, and cycling in the coniferous forest, active entertainment, as well as of boat trips will find all this here. You can come here for a weekend or a long vacation.

The reservoir is surrounded by coniferous and deciduous forests, creating convenient conditions for tent camps. There are extensive areas for camping; tourist parking and tent camps are situated along the reservoir’s entire shore.

One of the largest tent camps, Komarovska Dacha, is in the forest near the village of Peski-Radkovsky. This place is ideal for those who want to fish. If you need a good beach for swimming, then look for campsites in the forest belt between the villages of Yatskoe and Krasny Oskol.

Many tourist centers and mini-hotels of high comfort were also built near the reservoir. It is possible to rent accommodation locally, from reasonably priced rooms in the house to luxury rooms with a swimming pool and all amenities.

Address: villages of Yatskoe, Krasny Oskol, Peski-Radkovsky, Izium district, Kharkiv region

Antonovka village

Except for excellent views, here you can find a real salt lake! The concentrate of salts in the lake is quite high. During the rest on the shore, you get the full impression that you are at sea.

Address: Antonovka village, Kehichivka district, Kharkiv region

Dvorichanskyi National Nature Park

The card-attraction of the park are chalk mountains on the right bank of the Oskol river. In the park, rare species of plants and animals live, 30 of them are listed in the Red Book of Ukraine. For comfortable communication with nature in Dvorichanskyi Park you will find sandy beaches, sources with mineral water and recreational areas in the pine forest where you can pitch a tent.

Address: Dvorichna, Dvorichansk district, Kharkiv region

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Hopefully, this review will help you to choose the right place for your rest. Discover tourist Kharkiv together with Kharkiv Observer.

Text: Anastasia Mitrofanova