News Society, 24/07/2018

Witness for Lethal Accident in Kharkiv Disappears

An unexpected turn in the case of Kharkiv tragic car accident investigation is widely reported as an important witness for the prosecution disappeared and became unavailable for the court which is being held at the present time.

Narcologist Olena Fedirko, who was the first to examine Zaitseva that was being charged for the terrible car crash in October 2017 killing six and who found opiates in her tests, suddenly resigned from her job in the dispensary two months ago. Since then she can’t be found anywhere including her home in Kharkiv.

Her colleagues note that Fedirko’s resignation was voluntary and unexpected for them all.

Although the former doctor is officially registered with her son in Kharkiv, neighbors and family say that they have not seen the doctor for two months. The bailiffs came to Fedirko’s home several times to call her to the court hearings and to serve her with a summons. However, they could not meet the witness. The doctor does not answer the phone.

“As this is the only witness who claimed the presence of opiates in Zaitseva’s blood, her absence can be used by the defense of Zaitseva to challenge the tests results,” the victims’ lawyer states.

Zaitseva’s car control unit showed the last speed of 102 km per hour, though prosecutors cannot legally take this into account pointing out “there is no time and date when the speed was fixed.” The expert states that the speed was recorded at the final movement of the vehicle.

Reference: The accident on Sumska Street occurred on October 18, 2017. Olena Zaitseva, driving a Lexus crossed the road on a red traffic light, which caused a collision with a Volkswagen Touareg driven by Hennady Dronov, six people were killed as a result. Both drivers can be sentenced to ten years of imprisonment, although Zaitseva’s imprisonment term may be shortened to seven years as there are two extenuating circumstances: she confessed her guilt and compensated material damage to the victims.

Text: Olena Sokolynska