Business Culture News Politics Society, 02/03/2017

Women Marching for Gender and Economic Equality

“Women’s Solidarity Week” started yesterday in Kharkiv.

Gender and inclusiveness issues at work, film screening and discussion on sex industry — these are some activities which will take place till March 8.

Though other events are scheduled for all the month long as it is focused on gender equality.

The projects “Women’s Solidarity Week” and “Women’s History Month” are organized by the Culture of Equality platform including about dozen NGOs mostly from Kharkiv.

The participants are going to talk about business reality, a balance between family and work as well as opportunities for women in the realm of IT.

At the end of the week, on March 8, the Women’s Solidarity March will take place. Its name “Requiring 100%” implies economic equality. According to Anna Sharygina, the Vice President of Sphere women’s association, women in Kharkiv region are paid 30% less than men for the same job.

The same day Arabesque Theater will present “Red Elvis” performance based on Serhiy Zhadan’s play.

The full program of the “Week of Women’s Solidarity” presents about 10 events, while the organizers welcome any other proposals from those interested people who might carry out their events.