News, 11/08/2018

Women-Skydivers from Many Countries Set World Records in Kharkiv

Skydivers from 29 countries, including Norway, Netherlands, United Kingdom and Denmark, came to Korotych airfield near Kharkiv to take part in the Women on Wings project. Overall, they managed to set four world records

Since July 30, more than 120 sportswomen have practiced jumps and formed the teams to create new formations.

On August 1, a 57-way – 3 points world record was broken by 57 skydivers.  In 1.5 minute they formed a large formation in free fall and rearranged it twice, creating three formations altogether. A panel of international judges registered the new world record in “Large formations with rearranging among women” category.

The next day, more world records in the category “Large formations with rearranging” in two 60-way – 3 points groups and a 62-way – 3 points group were fixed. Three groups of 60 divers created a set formation rearranging it twice.

The jumps on August 1 were performed from an altitude of about 5,000 meters above ground from two airplanes and on August 2 the divers jumped from three aircraft.

In the following days, men joined the international skydiving events at Korotych airfield which continued till August 8.

Text: Natalia Ivanova

Photo: Kharkiv Gryzodubova Airclub