News Politics Society, 15/01/2017

World Champion in Draughts Disqualified by Russians Headed IDF

“The sports terrorism from the IDF Pro-Russian leadership contains all the signs of violation of the European Convention on Human Rights.

International Grandmaster Mr Yuriy Anikeev from Kharkiv, being a winner of the Draughts World Championship 2016, is disqualified for three years by the International Draughts Federation (IDF). The sportsman is accused of violating the Code of Ethics.

“Considered multiple violations of the ethical code of the IDF, international grandmaster Yuriy Anikeev after his removal from the 2016 European championship in draughts-64 and in accordance with the ethical code of the IDF was disqualified for three years until December 15, 2019, from participation in all competitions conducted by the IDF,” reported the official website of the organization.

The decision was taken on December 16, 2016, but made public only now, after almost a month. Ukrainian grandmaster didn’t receive any concrete proof of his guilt from the IDF. Yuriy Anikeev believes that the reason for disqualification may be his posts in blogs and social networks, where he was critical of Russia’s aggression against Ukraine.

“The aim of this solution is to attempt punishing Yuriy for the fact that he is a true patriot of Ukraine, who has never concealed and openly expressed his patriotic position. Obviously Russians from the IDF did not like this position. The sports terrorism from the Pro-Russian leadership of the International Draughts Federation contains all the signs of violation of the European Convention on Human Rights,” said Mr Ihor Zhdanov, the Minister of Youth and Sports of Ukraine.

Thus, the Ukrainian grandmaster will not attend the European Draughts Championship, which will start in Georgia on November 9, 2017. However, the athlete has the ability to take part in tournaments of the World Draughts Federation (FMJD), from which the IDF was previously separated.

Reference: Yuriy Anikeev (born June 11, 1983) is an outstanding Ukrainian draughts player. He is the 2004 Brazilian draughts World Championship winner (classical time control) and the 2016 International Draughts World Championship winner (rapid). Grandmaster Anikeev has been the champion of Ukraine many times.


Picture: Yuriy Anikeev’s Facebook page