News Society, 19/06/2018

Young Girl Punished for Animal Abuse

On June 19, over a year and a half after Kharkivite Margarita Furman was investigated for posting a cruel video of her bull terrier killing a kitten, Kharkiv district court issued a decision to penalize her with 29,000 UAH ($1,200).

Kharkiv Observer wrote that in October 2016, a 17-year-old girl posted a shocking video showing her bull terrier first sniffed a stray kitten, and then rushed at it and killed it. The video and the girl’s mocking at the kitten’s sufferings and boasting of her sadism caused a strong negative reaction in Kharkiv and all over Ukraine. After that, an investigation was started into the case of Furman and her boyfriend Mykyta Zhykharev, who personally set the dog on the kitten.

Now the court found Furman guilty for the dissemination of the video that promotes violence and cruelty and fined her  5,100 UAH ($200). Besides, the sadistic girl will have to pay 24,000 UAH for examination proceedings and litigation costs.

The prosecutors point out that Furman could have gone to prison for this crime if she had not been of minor age at the moment of posting the video.

The investigation into her boyfriend is still going on.

This case has become one of the rare suits in Ukraine when a suspect was found guilty for disseminating animal cruelty video.


Text: Olena Sokolynska

Photo: NewsRoom