News Society, 01/07/2017

93-Year-Old Kharkivite Sets Records

93-year-old Kharkivite Leonid Stanislavski has set several records at the Bukovel resort in Ivano-Frankivsk region, reports the National Register of Records of Ukraine (NRRU).

“Leonid Stanislavsky confidently beat the expert of the NRRU in 5 games. On the same day, Leonid descended on the longest Zip Line trolley in Ukraine and took a ride on a jet ski for the first time. We hope that he will set a new record jumping with a parachute soon”, admitted head of National Register of Records Lana Vetrova.

The event was a part of Trolley Fest records festival, which took place in Bukovel. Leonid Stanislavsky became the oldest man in Ukraine, who descended on the Zip Line trolley which length is 1130 m, as well as the oldest tennis player in Ukraine.

He started playing tennis for the first time, when he was 40. Since then, he has been a regular participant of Ukrainian and world veterans’ tournaments. As Kharkvite is the oldest player at tennis tournaments, he can’t find a peer partner in Europe.

In July, Leonid Stanislavsky will play a mini-set with Roger Federer, who is World No 5 tennis player in ATP Rankings and the holder of 18 Grand Slam titles.

Text: Iryna Klymenko

Photo: Status Quo