Culture News Society, 29/07/2020

‘Art in a Mask:’ Female Artists Present Works in Kharkiv

“Karantynopys or Art in a Mask” exposition of three young Kharkiv artists was opened in the First National Hub on June 25.

“Items on display include paintings by Nikol Vyshnevetska, graphics by Daria Nahayets and sculptures by Olha Lapkina. In total, 50 artworks are presented,” informed Daria Nahayets.

The young artists all met before quarantine but created works separately. The creative process has merged into one energy flow. Nikol Vyshnevetska painted the pictures before quarantine, without perceiving that it’s the timely theme. Daria Nahayets worked on graphics for the first time during the first month of strict quarantine restrictions. And Olha Lapkina continued to create stained glass the day before the exhibition’s opening.

“There is no doubt that the situation which humanity is facing due to the coronavirus pandemic has affected the artists’ worldview. Each female creator, finding herself on her own, had the opportunity to immerse in the inner world and work further, overcoming quarantine prohibitions. Initially, the theme of the works is similar – a mask of doubt, controversy and anxiety. But as a rainbow appears after a heavy downpour, a ray of hope for the best can be found in future art such as amazing flowers blooming, animals reaching out to each other and colorful stained-glass windows filling with light,” adds Daria Nahayets.

The exhibition runs in the hub at 2 Karbyshev Lane until July 24. Admission is free provided visitors respect the social distance, wear protective masks and no more than 10 people on the premises at the same time are allowed.

Text: Natalia Ivanova