Culture News Society, 05/02/2018

Big Generosity for Little Ones

“Classic Feerie” concert organizers gave an artificial respirator to the Kharkiv children’s hospital, the major share of money for its purchase was collected at the event. The machine producer also contributed to the charity with a generous discount from the company.

The concert, which was held on December 23, had a noble purpose to acquire an artificial respiration device for children, which costs about $10,000. The artificial lung ventilation machine for children, named “Malyatko,” is used to maintain the breathing of children from 3 to 6 years during operations. The children’s operating room of Kharkiv Regional Clinical Center of Urology and Nephrology urgently needed a new machine as they only had a very old and unreliable one.

The concert of the world famous stars of the symphonic music “Classic Feerie,” organized by the musicians, brothers Dvornichenko, together with Zabota Charitable Foundation, collected about $8,000, which was not enough. So the machine manufacturers provided $2,000 discount for the purchase.

The concert organizers delivered the apparatus to the children’s hospital last week.

“This device is very reliable and convenient to use. It also can be maintained easily,” says the head of the operating unit and the department of anaesthesiology center Ruslan Meshchanin, who is very grateful to the musicians and businessmen from Techno Bud Set company from Kyiv, the device manufacturers.

The doctors call the gift “a little miracle.”

Text: Olena Sokolynska

Photo: Volodymyr Skypenko