News, 16/04/2018

Children’s Town Yermilov – Exciting Edutainment in Kharkiv

On April 24, the gallery of contemporary art Yermilov Center is turning itself into the Children’s Town.

Theatrical performances and an exhibition of children’s eco posters, master classes in toy making and art objects, made out of recycled materials with French designer Katel Gelebart and artist Tetiana Novikova, a laboratory of creative journalism and professional training from the best architects, will take place during  “The 4th Block” Triennial and Dantefest 2018.

The organizers hope that the project will involve children in co-creation, thinking about the ecology issues and comfort of their hometown by playing and being entertained. The program includes workshops from the Children’s Architectural School, children’s art exhibition, kids’ performance “Cardboard Stories,” where cardboard characters will tell the stories of the little ones, suffering from the war in the east of Ukraine.

All the events are free and take place from 12:00 to 5 p.m.

Children’s museums are established in different cities of the world like Helsinki, Finland or Greensboro, the USA, and are really popular. Kharkiv event is not a permanent museum but it is uniting several interesting city initiatives into a festival to impact children’s creativity and the way of thinking.

“Action: Hope” is one of the major topics of  ‘The 4th Block’ Triennial,” says Maria Norazyan, co-organizer of the festival. “Children are our hope. And we want to teach them to dream, to love this world, to protect the planet and to create the new reality, in which they would wish to live.”

The full program of the Children’s Town festival is given on the event’s FB page.

Text: Olena Sokolynska

Photo: Children’s Architecture School