Culture News, 21/08/2020

Decorative Painting Exhibition Opens in Kharkiv

This week, 35 artists presented more than 200 decorative artworks at the “I’ll Dive into Painted Field” exhibition at the Kharkiv Regional Organizational and Methodical Center of Culture and Art. Visitors can see ornamented panels, clothes and jewelry. Authors embodied images of Ukrainian hetmans, fairy-tale animals and nature in their works.

According to the organizers, this exhibition is the largest this year. Various types of painting – from ancient to contemporary – are presented at the exposition.

“The most famous is the Petrykivka painting. Artists usually start with Petrykivka painting, but the works which are depicted at the exhibition, are a departure from the traditional. Budy as well as Slobozhansky paintings are also exhibited,” Natalia Pedan, the event’s curator, notes.

Oleksandr and Tamara Vakulenko presented their works at the exhibition. Their love for each other started more than 30 years ago when they began their careers as decorative painters. Since then, the couple has been living, working and decorating buildings of the Kharkiv region.

Artists present easel works and print wall paintings. Oleksandr Vakulenko admits that he embodied the idea of love for Ukraine and his family in his works. “Plants should bloom, birds should sing not only in summer but always,” he added.

The exhibition will run until October 30 at the center at 62 Pushkinska Str. Since August 20, another exhibition of embroidered towels by artist Lyubov Buhar has been held at the same location.

Text: Natalia Ivanova

Photo:, Kharkiv Regional Organizational and Methodical Center of Culture and Art