Culture News, 07/10/2021

Exhibition Dedicated to Defenders’ Day Opens in Kharkiv

Last week, the “ATO / JFO through the Eyes of Contemporary Artists” exhibition on Defender of Ukraine Day was opened in Kharkiv.

The exposition exhibits 150 works of classical and neoclassical arts: painting, graphics and sculpture which depict veterans of the Russian-Ukrainian war, moments of hostilities in the east, etc. A group of artists has been working on the exhibition since the beginning of 2021.

Officers of the Eastern Territorial Department of the National Guard of Ukraine as well as other units of the Kharkiv garrison were among the first attendants.

“I am very impressed after the exhibition’s presentation. I have no direct relation to painting and art, I have no talent for painting, but I am really impressed by the works of talented contemporary artists. It is noticeable that the exhibits are made in different styles and genres and there is a lot of work behind it,” said the guardswoman Viktoria Herasimenko.

The presented artworks reflect the discourse of the war in the east, embody the stories and images of Ukrainian defenders, modern military figures. The exhibition also features images of guardsmen, including a plaster bust of the Hero of Ukraine, Lieutenant of the National Guard of Ukraine Bohdan Zavada performed by sculptor Hanna Ivanova and a portrait of Major General Oleh Sakhon performed by Taras Shevchenko National Prize winner Viktor Kovtun.

Major Petro Vitushko, the officer of the Kholodny Yar separate mechanized brigade, was depicted in the sculpture.

“I consider the sculptor conveyed my image very skillfully. It is a great honor for me. I know many people depicted in the paintings personally and I am very proud of it. I believe that such exhibition is extremely useful in terms of military and patriotic education of children and youth,” tells Petro.

The event was organized by the Kharkiv organization of the National Union of Artists of Ukraine and the General Kharkiv club.

The exhibition will run until October 10 at the Yermilov Center, located at 4 Maidan Svobody, the main campus of Karazin Kharkiv National University.

Text: Natalia Ivanova