Opinion Politics, 11/11/2018

Fake High Turnout at Russian-Occupied Donbas Illegal Elections


The Russian-occupied Donbas news outlets and some Russian media inform about unprecedented voter turnout at the illegal elections that took place at the occupied territories today.  

In particular, “international observer” Russian senator Sergey Tsekov compared the elections at the so-called Donetsk People’s Republic to regions of the Russian Federation in the interview to the Russian media. He stated that the activity and voter turnout is even higher than in “other” regions of Russia and therefore “assigned” this Ukrainian territory to Russia.

But in fact, according to surveys that were conducted on the territory of so-called Luhansk People’s Republic on October 29 – November 2, voter turnout for the elections to occupying administration should be 23 percent: 22 percent – in Luhansk, 26 percent – in Sverdlovsk District. Voter participation was expected not more than 18 percent in rural areas. The highest voter turnout should be in Krasnodonsk district making 28 percent.

Meanwhile, just before the elections in the occupied territories, some Donbas Internet resources conducted polls regarding the intentions of the electorate to vote. Our Donetsk informed that only 16.81 percent of those who took part in the survey were going to vote; About Everything in Torez – 12.24 percent, respectively; Choice of Donbass – 18.39 percent; vk – 16.45 percent.

As one can see, “activity” and “high turnout,” which Russian senators, officials and collaborators raved about, are untrue.

According to the Ukrainian media, in addition to various “mechanisms” such as sales of extremely low-price products near the “polling stations,” occupants invented one more know-how. In particular, state employees were ordered to come to polling stations from 2 to 3 p.m. There is evidence to suggest, at this very time teachers made their pupils’ parents vote. It was necessary to create a fake picture for Russian media “of extraordinary activity at polling stations” that is now being broadcast on Russian TV.

Photo: uainfo.org