Culture News, 16/09/2020

‘Generation-2014’ Exhibition Opens in Kharkiv

This week, the “Generation-2014” exhibition was opened in Buzok art gallery. The exposition is dedicated to children born at times of the Crimea annexation, the Revolution of Dignity and the beginning of the war in the east of Ukraine.

All 17 photos at the display are connected with the war in Donbas. Each photo is a unique family story connected with the war and a short story about a secret child’s dream.

These kids heard from their parents what war is and why they had to leave their homes. Some of them remember shelling and explosions. Oleksandra, a first-grader, wants to be a firefighter and is keen on drawing. Her family moved to Kharkiv when the war in the east started. Girl’s mother Olena Rozskazova admits that Sasha is still afraid of firework displays, loud music and people in military uniform that’s why a psychologist works with her. It was horrible when they hid from shelling in basements. “The most horrible thing is that kids primarily suffer from any war,” the woman thinks.

“The event aims to show and remind Ukrainians living in the peaceful part of the country that the military conflict in the east has been going on for so long that a new generation has already grown up and went to the first grade this fall,” Maryna Krasnova, the event organizer, Caritas Kharkiv charity foundation member, noted.

The exhibition will run until September 16 at the right wing of the Kharkiv Opera and Ballet Theatre.

Text: Natalia Ivanova