Culture News Society, 08/01/2018

Joyful Christmas Tram Tradition Gets Rooted in Kharkiv

On Sunday, January 7, Kharkivites took a special festive Christmas tram, decorated with the Nativity of Christ symbols.

Participants together with their families and friends, dressed in Ukrainian traditional embroidered clothes, were singing carols and listening to ethnic Orthodox Christmas music.

This amazing show, performed by enthusiastic lovers of Ukrainian traditions, has already become a particular Orthodox Christmas feature in Kharkiv, running for the ninth year. It has not only been a fun ride but a charity gathering for promoting Ukrainian culture.

Christmas Tram2

This time, in addition to religious carols, popular songs were performed by Kharkiv musical groups and actors, who entertained the passengers. A special program was prepared by the artists of the American-Ukrainian “Broadway Bound” musical, which was recently presented at the Kharkiv Opera and Ballet Theater.

Also, there was a stationary site or wheel-less Christmas tram, offering participants a free concert, dancing, drinks and delicious dishes. Master classes for the children were carried out there as well.

Altogether, the tram ran five round trips from the Pivdennyi Railway Station down the historic part of Kharkiv.

Christmas Tram

Text: Olena Sokolynska

Photo: Vasyl Holosny