Culture News, 29/07/2020

Kharkiv Artist Presents Paintings with Augmented Reality

Last week, the “Waltz of Flowers” exhibition by Maria Lemeshova was opened at Mystetstvo Slobozhanshyny (Art of Slobozhanshyna) art gallery.

The artist has been engaged in painting for about 20 years. She has displayed her works in various Ukrainian cities and abroad. This time the Kharkivite presents 13 paintings at her exhibition.

Butterflies, birds and bees emerge in the artist’s paintings using augmented reality technology.

“When people get tired mentally and physically, especially in a big city, they draw inspiration in nature. In forests, parks and flowers which are a part of our nature,” admits the artist.

Maria’s husband Oleksandr Prokhorov, a professor of the National Aerospace University “Kharkiv Aviation Institute,” suggested adding effects to the paintings. Vladyslav Lisovychenko, a university student, worked on the online application. The project’s authors are convinced that painting in combination with augmented reality helps the viewer to delve even deeper into the artist’s inner world.

“Some effects may be easily added with a mobile application: sun glare, animation, waves, flattering hair. Such things keep pace with modern times. We had to work hard because all the elements that you can see here come out of the picture. It means they merge with the texture of the painting,” notes the project’s author Oleksandr Prokhorov.

Music was added to the visual effects. The artist notes that children are especially interested in such paintings. According to her, the new concept will help attract kids to art and classical music.

The QR code should be scanned to make a painting come alive. After loading the application, a viewer should put a smartphone or a tablet close to the painting and the ordinary picture turns into a real fairy tale.

The exhibition is open to the public at Mystetstvo Slobozhanshyny art gallery, 5/1 Svobody Square, until August 8.

Text: Natalia Ivanova