News Society, 05/01/2021

Kharkiv-born Volunteer Dies from Coronavirus

“On January 2, a 48-year-old volunteer and opera singer Kharkivite Oleksandra Tarasova died from coronavirus,” informs volunteer Liliya Blokhina, on her Facebook page.

Tarasova’s death was also reported by Heorhii Tuka, the former Deputy Minister of the Ministry for Temporary Occupied Territories and Internally Displaced Persons of Ukraine:

“That’s very sad news. After a short illness caused by COVID-19, Sasha Tarasova passed away … I met Sasha in 2014 when we were providing our defenders with armor. Sasha always reacted sensitively to the indifference of officials and tried to help veterans. RIP!”

“She was one of the first [Kh.O.: volunteers]. I first heard her singing on Natalia Voronkova’s [Kh.O.: a volunteer] birthday. It was in the summer of 2014. We all resembled frightened birds. We made noise and fluttered our wings – sometimes we sat on the branches and calmed down for a while. That’s how we fell silent when she sang.

She was not a highly publicized volunteer, but almost everyone knew her. It doesn’t hurt only me today. Today is a dark day for Ukrainian volunteers.

I tenderly loved and respected her. There was something to respect, not a single call for help went unanswered,” Diana Makarova, Ukrainian volunteer, recalls.

Oleksandra’s friend Oksana Shevchenko informed on December 24 that the volunteer was being treated for coronavirus in the hospital.

On December 29, it was reported that Oleksandra was transferred to intensive care, she had a pneumonic heart attack. The doctors assessed Alexandra’s condition as serious, she was transferred to a ventilator.

Oleksandra Tarasova left behind two children: an 11-year-old daughter and a 19-year-old-son.

Tarasova’s friends believe that she was not treated on time. This is clearly shown through the correspondence with Dana Yarova, Oleksanra’s friend. informs that on January 3, criminal proceedings were opened due to Tarasova’s death under Article 140 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine: non-fulfillment or improper fulfillment by a medical or pharmaceutical staff of their professional duties, negligent or unfair treatment resulting in serious consequences for the patient.

Reference: Before the war in the east of Ukraine, Oleksandra Tarasova was a soloist at the National Opera of Ukraine. After 2014, she started volunteering and headed “Kryla Feniksa” (Phoenix Wings in Ukrainian) and “Povernys Zhyvym” (Come Back Alive in Ukrainian) Charitable Funds established to help the Ukrainian army.

In 2015-2018, she managed the Office for War Veterans and ATO Participants at the Ministry of Social Policy.

Text: Natalia Ivanova

Photo: Oksana Shevchenko’s Facebook page,