Culture News, 12/01/2018

Kharkiv Famous Landmark Gets Reconstructed and Altered

The major overhaul of picturesque Kharkiv staircase in Shevchenko Gardens, called “Cascade,” having a form of a cascade fountain, commenced at the beginning of this year.

The reconstruction is planned to be carried out throughout 2018 and to be finished by December 21, 2018.

The Cascade fountain, flowing along the steep slope of Shevchenko Gardens towards historical Klochkivska Street, is one of the popular places for Kharkivites and the city visitors. The upper observation platform offers a view of the Lopan River valley.

The fountain with water, rushing down the stairs, was built in 1954 instead of the ruined pre-war staircase. The opening was timed to the tercentenary of Kharkiv. Since the 1990s, the fountain did not function and was gradually decaying.  First, the architectural monument was reconstructed in 2004, on the occasion of 350th anniversary of Kharkiv.


Now, in the course of the major overhaul, a recreation area with a lake will be built here. New benches and lanterns will be installed along the stairs as well.

Some city attractions are located near the Cascade area, including Ukraine concert hall, Crystal cafe, Kharkiv National Academic Opera and Ballet Theater and the hotel with the dolphinarium, which is the object of harsh criticism due to the commercial use of dolphins, prohibited in many counties.

The project for the Cascade reconstruction costs about 60 million UAH ($ 2 million) to the city budget.


Text: Olena Sokolynska

Photo: Kostyantin Chegrinsky