News, 03/02/2018

Kharkiv Groundhog Predicts Early Spring

Groundhog Day was traditionally celebrated at the biological station of Karazin Kharkiv National University on February 2. Kharkiv groundhog Tymko III predicted early spring in six weeks.

“The current predictor’s father Tymko II retired after nine years of forecasts. I’m sure all predictions of Tymko III will be true as its father was mistaken very rarely,” event’s co-organizer Nadiya Tokarska said.

According to her, Tymko III has not gone into hibernation due to abnormally warm winter, but it may fall dormant later. The new predictor is one year old and, by the standards of these species, it is an adult animal.

Currently, there are two groundhog-predictors in Ukraine: in addition to Tymko III from Kharkiv, Mishka groundhog lives in Lviv city children’s ecological and naturalistic center.

Reference: The Groundhog Day is a popular tradition that has been annually celebrated in the USA and Canada on February 2 since 1886. This holiday has been adopted in Ukraine since 2004. According to the belief, if the day is cloudy, the groundhog can’t see its shadow and comes out of the burrow. It means that the winter will end soon and the early spring is coming. If the day is sunny the groundhog sees its shadow and hides back to the burrow. It means that there will be another six weeks of the winter.

Text: Iryna Klymenko

Photo: Newsroom