Culture News Science, 02/02/2019

Kharkiv Groundhog Predicts Late Spring

On February 2, Groundhog Day was traditionally celebrated at the biological station of Karazin Kharkiv National University. Kharkiv groundhog Tymko III predicted a late spring: it will be cold in March and warm sunny days will come only in April.

For the second straight year, Tymko III has predicted the weather, succeeding his father Tymko II who had retired after nine years of forecasts.

Local residents, journalists, students of University’s biology faculty and biological station’s employees started gathering around the groundhog’s house at about 11 a.m. while Tymko III was sleeping.

Nadiya Tokarska, the groundhog’s keeper, woke the animal up and informed all comers about Tymko’s prediction. As he saw his shadow, this means a late-arriving spring.

Another Tymko’s prediction refers to the 8th season of a popular series “Games of Throne.” Organizers decided to ask Tymko III to predict who will overpower other enemies according to the plot by the end of the season. According to Tymko III, Night King will become the one.

“The serial foretold is a joke. The groundhog ran over to the dark side, but it is not the final prediction – this means that the series will have a sequel. This year, instead of politics, we decided to choose ‘good’ forecasts, so we chose such a humorous version,” explained the event organizer Liudmyla Dolya.

Note, that in previous times the groundhog predicted the results of a football match, fluctuations of the dollar, the visa-free regime and the possibility of life on Mars.

Tymko III will be two in spring. At this age, groundhogs become sexually mature. Currently, about two dozen of these species live at the biological station, but there is no female companion among them for Tymko III. Biology faculty students are actively searching for a suitable mate through social networks and created a jocular profile of the animal.

Now, there are two groundhog-predictors in Ukraine: in addition to Tymko III from Kharkiv, Myshko groundhog lives in Lviv city children’s ecological and naturalistic center.

Reference: The Groundhog Day is a popular tradition that has been annually celebrated in the USA and Canada on February 2 since 1886. This ritual has been adopted in Ukraine since 2004.

Text: Natalia Ivanova