Business News Society, 05/04/2020

Kharkiv IT Community Purchases Medical Equipment to Combat Coronavirus

At the end of March, Kharkiv IT companies have purchased equipment and the means of protection against the COVID-19 to medical facilities in the Kharkiv region within the framework of the IT4Life project coordinated by Kharkiv IT Cluster.

During the week, 3.3 million UAH (approximately $108,700) was raised to combat the epidemic as part of the project. The medical equipment will increase the diagnosis process and treatment capability for up to 100,000 patients per month in the region. On March 27, the accessories were donated to Kharkiv hospital № 17. The remaining aid will be shared among other hospitals.

In particular, IT companies bought disinfectants, three diagnostic ultrasound systems, a medical manipulation table, 12 laryngoscopes and two benchtop centrifuges for early diagnosis of patients and doctors’ protection.

Also, the IT community bought three electrocardiographs, 18 breathing bags for adults, 30 pulse oximeters, 18 mobile infusion stands and 670 multi-purpose gurneys for treating patients with coronavirus.

According to the project’s organizers, the action aims to help the region prevent the coronavirus infection, minimize the negative impact on residents, and save Kharkiv and the region’s economy.

The initiative can still be supported by cofinancing. Any IT company that wishes to join the IT4Life project should contact Olha Shapoval, Kharkiv IT Cluster executive director via email or Olena Belyayeva, Kharkiv IT Cluster PR & Communications Manager,

Text: Natalia Ivanova

Photo: Nakipelo