Culture News Society, 02/06/2019

Kharkiv Musicians Support ‘All for the Victory’ Volunteers’ Tent

On May 30, “Rock for the Victory” concert in support of “All for the Victory” volunteers’ tent took place on Maidan Svobody in Kharkiv. About 500 people attended the event.

“Zhadan i Sobaki,” “Papa Carlo” and “Alcohol Ukulele” Kharkiv bands performed at the small stage decorated with Ukrainian flags and “Save for the Victory” banner.

“Zhadan i Sobaki” opened the event. Serhiy Zhadan, writer, poet and activist, began the concert with the phrase “All will be Ukraine!” He appealed to Kharkiv mayor Hennadiy Kernes and sang “Instagram” song which was dedicated to him. Notably, Hennadiy Kernes supported the petition for the tent’s removal which was registered at the city council’s site and passed the required threshold at the beginning of May.

“Zhadan i Sobaki” and their fans sang over 15 hits, followed by “Papa Carlo” and “Alcohol Ukulele” bands performances. “It’s crucial to the protest, even though there is no hope for victory. And we have it,” the lead singer of “Papa Carlo” band said at the end of his performance.

In addition, Kharkiv poetess and event’s organizer, Marko Teren recited her poetry on military topics.

Notably, the performers had to shout over loud music at the beginning of the patriotic rock concert as at that very time a rehearsal of a mass event dedicated to Children’s Day, which is traditionally celebrated on June 1, was being held on Maidan Svobody on a bigger stage which was mounted next to the “Rock for the Victory’s” own concert stage. Deliberate loud music from children’s rehearsal interfered with the rock concert.

The mayor’s office explained the fact that the official stage was mounted next to the concert’s stage by weather conditions. “Last year, at 7 p.m., the sun was shining directly into cameras that’s why the children performing at the stage were hardly seen,” the city council’s press service informs.

At the end of the event, Boris Redin, the co-founder of “All for the Victory” tent, informed that volunteers are planning to install a permanent stage for regular meetings of like minds.

Text: Natalia Ivanova

Photo:, Ukrinform