News Science, 03/02/2021

Kharkiv Scientists Announce Testing Ion-Plasma Engines for Space Industry

For the last two years, FED JSC together with scientists from the Kharkiv Aviation Institute have been creating what they call “ion-plasma engines” for the space industry. At the end of 2020, they started testing analysis.

“At the end of last year, we conducted tests. I would say that we produced the world’s first ion-plasma engine in Ukraine,” stated the President of the Ukraviaprom association and board chairman of FED JSC Viktor Popov.

In addition to engines, experts have created a new satellite cooling system. The satellites are already on the final assembly site of the launch pad.

“For five years we have been developing a new satellite cooling system, including for interplanetary flights, commissioned by the International Space Agency. During this time, we have developed not only the design but also the technology, and have already completed two satellites for the European Space Agency commissioned by the American company,” Popov informs.

According to Popov, the cooling system is fundamentally new. “It will be extended to the cooling of the lunar modules, so there is great prospects,” says the board chairman.

“Both Ukrainian and overseas specialists are involved in the creation of the systems. We are discussing the terms of the contract for 34 satellites,” Popov notifies.

“The creation of engines and cooling systems opens the world market for Kharkiv,” added the FED chairman.

“We had only just completed two projects when we received orders from Turkey, China and Germany. Just today, we received an order from Vietnam for 100 ion-plasma engines. This is a big deal,” Popov states emphatically.

Notably, in recent years, many agencies have developed several forms of plasma propulsion systems. The Kharkiv air-space company claims to have a good chance to join this rivalry with their new product.

Text: Natalia Ivanova