Culture In Depth News, 07/02/2018

Kharkivite Amazes the World with 3D Confections

29-year-old Dinara Kasko from Kharkiv gained wide popularity with her sweet and stylish invention – geometric cakes and tarts, created with 3D-modelling technologies.

Being a professional architect and designer, Dinara literally builds her pastry out of chocolate, meringue, gelatin and berries in silicone cake molds and promotes her sweets on Instagram.

Today, Dinara’s Instagram has over half a million followers and their number is growing. The pastry artist admits that social networks have played a substantial role in her recognition. “Just imagine that I had made all these models at home and nobody would see them,” says Dinara.

What started as an unusual hobby during maternity leave has become a promising business: two silicone molds, designed by the pastry artist, were bought by Silikomart, the renowned Italian molds producer. Also, Dinara delivers workshops in different countries from China to the UK and shares her recipes, ideas and techniques on TV. The most famous of her fancy algorithmic desserts is a set of chocolate cakes, the Ball dessert, the Ball, Cube and Triangle composition, The Figure 7 geometry, cells with berries and fruit bubbles.

She works mostly with 3D-Max, firstly drawing a model and then printing it on a 3D printer.

“These intricate, precise creations are not mere cakes: they are edible art and an outlet for Dinara’s creativity in her search for a richer life,” writes San Miguel edition, which added the Ukrainian pastry artist to The 2017 San Miguel Rich List.

“Dinara created the new market niche with her computer modeled cakes. Due to her success, the world got interested in Ukrainian confectionery,” Deutsche Welle reports.

The artist states that she “does not sell cakes, she sells molds and ideas” and shares her vision enthusiastically.

Text: Olena Sokolynska

Photo: Joan Tomas & Dmytriy Khoroshaev, Dinara Kasko’s Instagram