News Politics Society, 24/11/2020

Kharkivites Celebrate Seventh Euromaidan Anniversary

On November 21, Kharkiv activists took part in a series of events to celebrate the 7th anniversary of the Revolution of Dignity.

In the morning, the rally dedicated to the Day of Dignity and Freedom was held in Kharkiv. This format was chosen by the organizers due to quarantine restrictions. Among the participants were representatives of volunteer and veteran movements as well as activists who took part in the Revolution of Dignity.

About 40 cars were driving through the city streets. They started from Heroiv Nebesnoi Sotni Maidan (English: Heavenly Hundred Heroes Square), then the route ran through Moskovsky and Haharin Avenues and ended at Maidan Svobody (Freedom Square).

According to the participants, the event aimed not only to honor the revolution’s anniversary but it’s also a reminder to the authorities about the irreversibility of Ukraine’s European course.

“I remember this day, I remember that about 1,500 students took to the streets because they were outraged that Ukraine did not want to follow the European course, not Ukraine itself but its authorities do not want to join up with Europe. This was so powerful that those young students raised the whole country to Maidan. If at that time we just did not want to continue to remain so close to Russia because we thought it was not our history, but now it is an aggressor country and we cannot return,” noted Oleh Abramichev, the rally’s participant, a volunteer.

Due to the quarantine restrictions, some events were held in the online format. However, in the evening about 300 people traditionally gathered near the Taras Shevchenko monument where several days before the start of the all-Ukrainian Euromaidan in Kyiv, Kharkiv had held its first meeting, which highlighted its European choice.

The action participants carried Ukrainian flags, chanted patriotic slogans and sang the Ukrainian anthem. Relatives of Heavenly Hundred’s compatriots, who were killed in Kyiv during the revolution and Euromaidan activists took part in the meeting. Also, Victor Marynchak, the priest of the Kharkiv Euromaidan, attended the meeting.

The event was held in free microphone format. Maidan participants, volunteers and civil activists took the floor. They recalled the tense and dramatic revolutionary events and discussed the current problems. The activists made seven demands on the Ukrainian authorities on the 7th anniversary of the Revolution of Dignity concerning the investigation of crimes during Euromaidan events, stop putting pressure on activists, volunteers as well as small and medium-sized businesses, fight against corruption, funding for the army, preserve the territorial integrity of Ukraine.

The action’s participants consider the Day of Dignity and Freedom as one of the most important days in contemporary Ukrainian history. They are convinced that this is a reminder of the basic values that the Maidan asserted. And that now they also should be protected.

Text: Natalia Ivanova

Photo: 5 channel,, Kharkiv Times