News Politics Society, 29/06/2018

Kharkivites Honor Constitution Day with Discussions and Festivals

On June 28, over a thousand Kharkivites gathered at Maidan Konstytutsii in Kharkiv to celebrate the 22nd anniversary of Ukrainian Constitution, which was adopted by Verkhovna Rada in 1996.

It is worth recalling that some Kharkiv lawyers contributed to the document’s development.

Veterans of military operations in Donbas, government officials, priests and civil activists took part in the celebrations, which included the flower-laying ceremony at the Independence Monument and a concert. Some activists of NGO Living According to Constitution arranged a workshop for Kharkivites, offering them the chance to discuss the articles of Ukrainian supreme law concerning people’s rights and duties.

One of the participants Yuri Yanko, director of the Kharkiv Regional Philharmonic, indicated the primary importance of the Constitution to the state as this supreme law determines everyone’s life from beginning to the end. “We all must understand that there is no country without a Constitution, so this is our way to prosperity and to professional success as well,” said the famous Kharkiv musician.

Youth sports festival “Patriots’ Contest” was held in Gorky Park for the first time to honor Constitution Day and it stirred up a lot of excitement among Kharkivites. Children aged 6 to 12 took part in the competitions, which included tasks requiring agility, marksmanship and development of teamwork skills.

The teams of up to six participants had to pass different trials like a rope town, a two-level obstacle Western style course or a game of basketball.

The theme park managers say that through these games they wanted young participants to feel that they live in a free democratic country and to be proud of being Ukrainians.

According to officials, about 7,000 citizens took part in the state holiday events all over the Kharkiv region.

Text: Olena Sokolynska