News, 07/11/2021

Kharkivites Vote for New Mayor

Ihor Terekhov, the secretary of the Kharkiv City Council, was officially recognized as the mayor of Kharkiv following the result of the early elections to local councils which took place on October 31. The previous mayor Hennady Kernes died due to COVID-19 complications in December 2020.

The corresponding resolution was adopted on November 1, by the Kharkiv City Territorial Election Commission.

According to the protocol on the election results, 288,645 voters participated in the voting. The average voter turnout was 28.29 percent. Terekhov received 146,240 votes (50.66 percent).

Other candidates got:

Mykhaylo Dobkin, independent candidate, – 82,008 votes (28.41 percent);

Oleksandr Skoryk, European Solidarity party, – 15,462 votes (5.36 percent).

These days OPORA NGO is trying to challenge the results in connection with the recorded violations on some polling centers.

Text: Natalia Ivanova

Photo: izvestia.kharkov