News Politics, 06/11/2020

Mayoral Elections Results Announced in Kharkiv

Hennadiy Kernes was officially recognized as the mayor of Kharkiv following the result of the elections to local councils which took place on October 25.

The corresponding resolution was adopted on November 4, by the Kharkiv City Territorial Election Commission.

According to the protocol on the election results, 323,218 voters participated in the voting. The average voter turnout was 31,3 percent. Kernes received 195,044 votes (60.34 percent).

Oleksandr Feldman, the “Opposition Platform – Za Zhyttya (For Life),” got 46,278 votes (14.32 percent);

Oleksiy Kucher, the representative of Sluha Narodu (Servant of People) president’s party, received 23,401 votes (7.24 percent)

Consequently, the city election commission recognized Hennadiy Kernes as the elected Kharkiv mayor.

Reference: The current mayor Hennadiy Kernes was elected for the third term. Since August 23 he hasn’t gone out in public. On September 10, Kernes was diagnosed with COVID-19 and had been treated in a local hospital No 17. On September  17, the mayor was transported to the German clinic Charité where he is currently getting treatment. During this time neither photo nor video of him has been seen.

Text: Natalia Ivanova