News Science Society, 04/05/2020

National Record Set in Kharkiv by Teachers And Parents

Last week, more than 10,000 people participated in a five-day online-(non) conference for parents and teachers called “National Anti-Crisis Online EdCamp 2020.”

According to the National Register of Records of Ukraine, it became the largest educational online event that has ever has been held in Ukraine.

The conference took place in a remote mode: speakers and listeners stayed at home observing the quarantine law. However, the distance did not prevent them from sharing knowledge and receiving relevant, useful and important information.

During EdCamp online five days,  over 80,000 connections to the sessions and lectures were registered. Overall, the events lasted 55 hours as 65 speakers covered five topics: distance education, educational policy, physical health and psychological stability, financial and legal challenges, pedagogy of partnership, as reported by the National Register of Records of Ukraine on its Facebook page.

In addition to Ukrainians, people from 22 countries including Austria, Belarus, Georgia, Ireland, Spain, Italy, Canada, Lithuania, Moldova, the Netherlands, Poland, the United Kingdom, the USA and France joined the event.

“For the first time, most teachers are faced with the necessity of distance tutoring without training and practices,” notes Oleksandr Elkin, the chairman of the EdCamp Ukraine NGO and adviser to the Minister of Education and Science of Ukraine. It was widely understood that the mere fact of participation in such online training, use of webinar rooms, smartphone applications, completing online quests is a great experience for the participants. They will be able to use acquired digital skills while working with students. Surprisingly, some people who joined the project couldn’t use messengers, social networks and even email in the education process. Now the world will never be the same to them.

According to the organizers, the EdCamp Ukraine team prepared the event for two weeks, when it became clear that teachers needed information, advice and support in the new circumstances. The slogan of the event is “High Five, Education” which comes precisely from the wish to lend a helping hand, even from a distance.

For the first time, parents were invited to EdCamp Ukraine events as full participants. After all, it was they who became the main partners of teachers in the tutoring process today.

Reference: EdCamp Ukraine is the largest teachers’ community in Ukraine with more than 25,000 participants and the second in the world. For five years, it has been gathering the teachers at national (non)-conferences in Kharkiv and regional “mini-ed-camps”. The need for such support is evidenced by the activity of lecture chats and the number of session recordings views on YouTube.

Text: Natalia Ivanova

Photo: National Register of Records of Ukraine Facebook page