News, 15/10/2021

‘Overcome’ Award Given in Kharkiv

On October 10, “Overcome,” the award for people with disabilities was given in Kharkiv. It was founded in 2013 and has become an annual occurrence since then. People with disabilities get the award for achievements in professional, creative, sports or social activities. This year the award was presented in seven categories: sports, creativity, art, professionalism, pride of Ukraine, social activities and creative team.

This year’s awards were given to:

Natalia Yakovleva – co-founder of the Help Army volunteer group and the Kharkiv with You charitable foundation, cancer survivor;

Olena Fedota – silver medalist at the 2020 Paralympic Games, diagnosed with lower extremity paresis;

Leonid Brodsky – leading actor with hearing impairments of the Ariadna folk theater;

Mykola Tatevosyan – a champion in arm wrestling, a wheelchair user;

Olena Podhornova – a music teacher who has been blind since birth and teaches at the Kharkiv Special School for Children with Visual Impairments named after Korolenko;

Vladyslav Pohrebny – an actor in “The Story of Lisa” film who was born with an extra chromosome;

Orchestra of folk instruments of school number 12, in which children with visual impairments play.

The event organizer, the president of the Kriavvita NGO for people with disabilities, Olena Shynharyova states that the expert commission chose the best candidate in seven nominations out of 28 nominees.

“Every time we look forward to meeting our heroes in this hall. Their success story is an example of overcoming challenges, achieving goals despite seemingly insurmountable obstacles. Their victories inspire and prove that people with disabilities make a huge contribution to the development of our city,” said Olena.

After the award ceremony, a charity auction was held as part of the event. All proceeds will be used to create and develop social projects for people with disabilities.

Text: Natalia Ivanova