News Society, 07/06/2020

Reducing COVID-19 Quarantine Measures in Kharkiv Region

According to the government’s resolution on the quarantine restrictions weakening dated May 7, 2020, easing of coronavirus quarantine measures has started in Ukraine, including the Kharkiv region.

Since May 11, people are allowed to visit recreation areas, sports and playgrounds. Catering establishments for takeaway services, beauty salons, non-food shops, dental clinics, museums and lawyers have started operating.

On May 22, the Head of the Kharkiv Regional State Administration Oleksiy Kucher summed up the results of the meeting of the regional commission on technological and environmental safety, by highlighting that the Kharkiv region was included in the list of 13 regions where the second stage of quarantine reduction measures has been introduced.

On May 25, Kharkiv metro resumed work after more than a two-month break. Passengers are recommended to wear protective masks or respirators in facilities and carriages. Ground transport runs services to a normal timetable.

On June 1, suburban trains started running. Sports establishments and kindergartens have opened their doors again.

Church and religious services are permitted if churchgoers keep a 1,5-meter distance.

From June 10, indoor catering shops and cafes will be permitted again provided that all visitors keep the required distance and that staff uses personal protective equipment.

From June 15, Kharkiv airport will operate domestic flights.

Reference: The latest figures state, 27,856 cases of coronavirus disease have been registered in Ukraine, 12,412  have recovered and 810 have died. There are 1,305 confirmed cases in the Kharkiv region. Among them, 573 people have recovered and 52 passed away.

Text: Natalia Ivanova