Business News, 29/11/2019

Research Shows Positive Dynamic in Kharkiv IT Sector

On November 15, Kharkiv IT Cluster announced results of the integrated Kharkiv IT Study 2.0 which has been conducted for the second consecutive year. According to the research, Kharkiv could be positioned as an international high-tech city.

More than 7,800 IT specialists and 30 companies took part in the survey. Also, nine top managers were interviewed.

Kharkiv IT Cluster reports that 480 IT product development and service companies operate in our city and the number of employed IT specialists has reached 31,000.

Kharkiv is traditionally ahead of other Ukrainian cities, apart from Kyiv with the number of IT companies and specialists, and is on par with the capital in terms of IT specialists’ concentration (per 1,000 people).

The main export markets for Kharkiv IT services are the USA, 74 percent, and EU countries, totaling 19 percent, respectively.

The average income of a Kharkiv IT specialist is $2,025, which is six times more than an average income in the region, and five times more than in Ukraine.

According to IT research results, promoting technology business in Kharkiv encourages collaboration to reach common goals, a high number of educational institutions as well as conducting events and conferences which strengthen companies’ intellectual property and potential.

“The research demonstrates tremendous work that has been done within 25 years. In the beginning, we had only strong technical training and a strong desire to reach more and we were succeeded. We created Ukrainian IT from scratch and built the most powerful IT community and a strong cluster in our city,” Ihor Brahinsky, president at NIX Solutions company summarized.

Source, photo: IT Cluster