Opinion Politics, 20/02/2019

‘Russian World 2.0’ – Enemy at the Gate


Recently EU Political Report, an independent Brussels based news portal delivering authoritative comment on the latest economic and political developments in Europe for key EU decision-makers and opinion leaders, published an article “Enemy at the gate: Ukraine’s decisive battle for freedom” by James Wilson. In the article, the author exposes Russian plans on meddling into Ukrainian elections and suggests that Russia seeks to deepen its influence onto Ukraine in the nearest future.

James Wilson, EU Political Report publisher and editor in chief, stresses that Russia has no constraints in applying the broadest range of instruments to reverse its loss of political influence in Ukraine. The ruling elite in modern Russia still dreams of the geopolitical project of the “Russian World” to ensure domination at the post-Soviet space by Moscow’s neo-empire. Despite Russia’s mounting domestic problems threatening its internal political stability and the unity of 85 Federal regions, it is the Independence of Ukraine that remains at the top of the agenda for Kremlin strategists. The immediate target of this destabilization is the “electoral reload” of the Ukrainian authorities during the scheduled 2019 presidential and parliamentary elections. The article describes three basic scenarios to be implemented during elections: “rematch,” “reserve” and Transitional Scenario No.3.

In conclusion, Wilson alerts the readers that with less than 6 weeks to go before polling day for the first round of the Presidential elections in Ukraine, there is still everything to play for.

Photo: Kyiv Post